Oomph Salon stylists are ready to take you the next level of your hair journey by offering ALL-INCLUSIVE pricing. Our pricing model is completely transparent. Everything is booked by the hour with no additional costs incurred. You can choose your experience by choosing the level of stylist, the amount of time and/or pricing that falls within your budget. We have stylists from Level 1-Level 7. The higher level the stylist, the more experience they have behind the chair and charge a premium pricing. Allow us to offer our expertise and creativity to meet your goals.


Our Pricing

Consultations are free.

All-Inclusive Pricing*

*Includes everything your stylist can do within your chosen time-frame. All blonding, creative work, multi-dimensional, etc.
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Technical Services (haircuts, blow-outs)

*Most haircuts are booked at 45 minutes
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Pricing for Assistants*

*Must call to book
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